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Un seul grain de riz


Artem SURKOV is a Russian Artist.

Title : Taurus

Technique : Cyanotype printed pictures

Artists's statement : "My pictures are focused on the problem of the meaning of visual document. Why we perceive printed images (with some photographic features) as document ? Maybe we are talking about equality between Facts and Beliefs nowadays ?"



Hassan NOZADIAN is an Iranian Artist based in Teheran.

Artist's statement : "My artworks, "Persian Zodiac" sign designs, is a collection consisting of 12 celestial sphere icons each one related to one zodiac sign. I used Persian patterns, ornaments and Eslimis (inspired of Iran architecture and decorative tiles in mosques, carpets and other traditional arts) to create each sign. During the history Iranian (Persian) artists always have been trying to depict eternal concepts and relations between heaven and earth through their geometry of art and art of geometry.

These signs are similar to the traditional patterns but they are original and never seen before.

I used hand drawing and digital tools to create Persian Zodiac".


Olga FEDOROVSKAYA lives and works in Germany.

Artist's statement : "My works on the theme of Zodiac are made in watercolor on watercolor paper with a density of 300 mg / m2. This image of signs among the clouds is the association of our thoughts and dreams".



 PARIS - 18 DÉCEMBRE 2017/ 6 JANVIER 2018

Démarche artistique

L’exposition collective 'UN SEUL GRAIN DE RIZ' propose de nous faire redécouvrir tout l'univers à travers une sélection d’œuvres d’art de petit format.

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La page du collectionneur

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La Galerie Metanoia

Située à Paris, à deux pas du centre Beaubourg, la galerie présente une sélection d'art contemporain qui se propose de réorienter notre regard vers le monde intérieur.

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