John Sproul - USA

A neurologist can tell from a person’s walk how well the nervous system is working and psychologists can determine certain mental disorders from the same observation. As science progresses it is discovering more and more the significant role the body and its language plays in revealing the inner self. Every movement says something about who we are.

Our bodies and their language doesn’t just say something about each of us as individuals, but it also tells about all of us as a whole. It is what body language states about all of us that I am most interested in. As science has and is discovering, there are many tangible things that can be learned from the body, but there are also many intangible things that can be discerned. It is my endeavor to push against the lines that divide the tangible from the intangible.

Through my personal experiences coupled with my studies in eastern/western philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology and behavioral science I have come to an understanding that a lot of our communication is done through the body and that we are all connected together through its language. My work is a conversation with this language about us.


 PARIS - 19 DÉCEMBRE 2018 / 9 JANVIER 2019

Démarche artistique

L’exposition collective 'UN SEUL GRAIN DE RIZ' propose de nous faire redécouvrir tout l'univers à travers une sélection d’œuvres d’art de petit format.

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La Galerie Metanoia

Située à Paris, à deux pas du centre Beaubourg, la galerie présente une sélection d'art contemporain qui se propose de réorienter notre regard vers le monde intérieur.

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