Practical details & banking references

Select the option best suited in your case, options do not add up : maximum charge 250 €

  • Deposit and withdrawal of works at the gallery in Paris: 1 work - 70€, 2 - 120€, 3 - 150 €,  4 – 200€

  • Sending and returning works on canvas by parcel post (price includes repacking and return postage to sender): 1 work - 90 €, 2 - 160 €, 3 - 200€,  4 – 250€

In order to avoid damage during transport, the gallery will handle the framing of works on paper for the artists living abroad. The artists will make it their business to send their work in a plain envelope and we will have it framed. Following prices include the renting of frames and return of unsold works by postal mail:

  • Framing + sending back works on paper by postal mail: 1 - 90€, 2 - 160 €, 3 - 200 €,  4 – 250€

For the artists living outside of France, a transfer from account to account is preferred : foreign checks cannot be accepted.


Name of account:GALERIE METANOIA
IBAN (International Identification) : FR76 3000 3030 3000 0200 3954 323
Address of account holder :56 RUE QUINCAMPOIX 75004 PARIS - FRANCE
Telephone of the gallery:00 (33) 1 42 65 23 83
(Bank Code:30003 - Branch Identification:SENLIS - N° of Branch:03030 - Account number:00020039543 - KEY DIGITS:23)
Branch address:72 Rue de la République 60300 Senlis FRANCE

Important note : all charges, taxes and fees involving the transfer of funds to our account, including applicable exchange rates, are to be settled by the sender.

Secure payment via Paypal (upon request)


Sending in the artworks :

Caution: Never send your work to the gallery, it would not reach us. 
Please identify your work with a tag on the back stating the title, and name and address of the artist.

The works are to be delivered in person or sent at the following address:

Percot SAS 87 avenue Georges Clemenceau Zae, 60300 Senlis, France

For Artists living outside the European community (E.C.) please refer to us for filling in customs declaration.






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